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In Concert With Distribution - 
"Winning the Battle for Mind-share and Trust"

At Concord, we are proud of our distribution support program.  Each territory has a distribution manager whose primary responsibility is Distribution Management - both getting distribution what they need from our lines, but also in setting and monitoring goal progress.  

Our Branch responsibilities are:

  • Business Management
    • Set annual Sales and Growth Plans
    • Opportunity Management
    • Registration Control (supervision)
    • Coordinate Tactical Adjustments
  • Product Knowledge Development
    • Set annual Sales and Growth Plans
    • FAE In-House Training Program
    • Product Trends and New products
  • Sales Training
    • Account Call Training
    • Discovery Process
    • Inside Sales Training
    • Technical Resource
  • Relationship Management
    • Registration Judge and Jury
    • Motivator
    • Success Builder

Distribution management has become a cornerstone at our company and we feel that it is a crucial part of our future.